God's Got You!

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If you've found us while in crisis, 

Please do not harm yourself.

      Please  call the Veterans Crisis Hotline at 9-8-8 

Those working the Crisis Hotlines work around the clock ...

ready, willing, and wanting to help vets just like you.

Please make the call. Just do it.

The rest of your life is waiting on the other side.



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Dear Warrior:


We are writing you this letter simply to be a light in the darkness, simply to offer you hope.

Maybe you didn't land on this page by accident.   

You are discouraged, you are so tired of this battle, you are weary, you are worn out.

We understand that you can't take much more, the suffering, the hurting, the despair...


You have given your all. You did your part and more, to make our world a better, safer place.

You've seen the worse in humanity, seen things others never will. Perhaps you feel there is nothing left for you now. 


      We don't judge you -- we care about you and what's going on.

Your pain, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, social, is unrelenting.

There is no shame for what you are feeling, or for having post traumatic stress,

or for the emotional or cognitive storm you are in.

We honor you and give you the proper respect you have earned !

We understand you are strong, you are proud, probably stubborn, and it's embarrassing to ask for help.

Maybe you have tried other kinds of help from other places but you are still hurting.


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It may be a fact that you're in a dark place right now, but TRUTH trumps FACTS every time.

The truth is  that no matter what it look like or feels like for you right now, 


He has the power and authority to redeem your life from destruction.


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Okay, so maybe your stress has led you to behave in ways you regret.

Maybe those behaviors have landed you in some trouble, or even caused a less than honorable discharge.

The Lord can still redeem it and turn things around and give you a future hope.

He gives beauty for ashes. Is. 61:3

That means He can make life good again, joyful again, where there was only ashes left before.

God has not abandoned you, rejected you, or left you alone in your situation.  

Maybe you think God won't help you, because you were called upon to kill enemies during a just war. 

King David killed untold enemies...and the bible says he was still a man after God's own heart.

The bible doesn't say we shouldn't kill during war.  It says we shall not commit MURDER - which is totally different. 


Let us introduce you to one more powerful,

who wants to carry your burdens, your grief, your anger, your sorrow, your guilts and regrets,

one who can remove stress and anxiety, heal addictions, restore peace to your mind,

release the traumatic memories causing nightmares or insomnia.

He wants to settle you down, cover you with His peace, heal those trapped and imbedded emotions,

and mend your heart and mind from the barbaric things you have seen,

from the constant threats of death and danger you were under, or from the pain of losing friends.



Name: Jesus

          Rank:  The Son of the Living God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

          Title: The Christ,  the Annointed One

          Position:  Commander of the Heavenly Armies

          Mission: Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer, Healer, Restorer, Way Maker

          Qualifications: Warrior of All Warriors

          Power:  All Authorithy In Heaven and On Earth Has Been Given To Him

                    Motto:   Nothing is to Hard for the Lord. 

          Enemies: " Vengeance is mine, and I will repay"

Code Name:  The Lion

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Jeremiah 32:27

" I am the Lord. The God of all mankind. Is there anything to hard for me? "        


  Just ask Him to come in and take the wheel.