God's Got You!

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Dear Warrior:

    We are, and have been praying for you. 

You are discouraged, you are so tired of this battle, you are weary, you are worn out.

You didn't land on this page by accident.

We honor you and give you the proper respect you have earned !



If you are thinking about ending your life, our immediate goal is your safety, protection, and your well being.

The same way your heart was to protect and take care of your troops or your buddies and keep them safe,

that is how we feel about you.  It's your turn to recieve some help and protection.   

So let's talk.

We understand that you can't take anymore, the suffering, the despair...

              You have given your all to help put down evil, stop terrorist or dictatators, you did your part to make our world a better, safer place,                 but now you feel that there is nothing left for you, and life isn't worth living.

You've seen the worse that humanity has to offer. 

Or maybe you are dealing with false guilt because your unit didn't get to deploy.

      We don't judge you -- we care about you and what's going on. Your pain, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, social.. is unrelenting.

There is no shame for what you are feeling, or for having post traumatic stress. 

We understand you are strong, you are proud, probably stubborn, and it's embarrassing for a warrior to ask for help.

You haven't found lasting help in other places and you're thinking this is the solution because you don't see anything changing, anytime soon.


                                                            It may be a fact that you're in a dark place, but TRUTH trumps FACTS every time.                                                                                                                   The truth is that no matter what is looks like, and feels like right now                                                                                   YOU ARE NOT ALONE, AND THERE IS ANOTHER WAY OUT.


    He has the power, and authority to redeem your life from destruction.


Maybe your stress has led you to behave in ways you regret.

Maybe those behaviors have landed you in some trouble, or even caused a less than honorable discharge.

The Lord can still redeem it and turn things around and give you a future hope.

He gives beauty for ashes. Is. 61:3

That means He can make life good again, joyful again, where there was only ashes left before.

God has not abandoned you, rejected you, or left you alone in your situation.  

Maybe you think God won't help you, because you were called upon to kill enemies during a just war. 

King David killed untold enemies...and the bible says he was still a man after God's own heart.



Let us introduce you to one more powerful, who wants to move you out to safety, carry your burdens, your grief, your anger, your sorrow, guilts and regrets, take the anxiety and stress away, heal addictions, restore peace to your mind, release the traumatic memories causing nightmares and insomnia, he wants to settle you down, cover you with His peace, heal those trapped and imbedded emotions, and mend your heart from the barbaric things you have seen, the fear from constant threats of death and danger you were under, the pain of losing your friends, break curses from the lands you have fought on, and touch your physical body.  He does all things well.

          Name: Jesus

          Rank:  The Son of the Living God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

          Title: The Christ,  the Annointed One

          Position:  Commander of the Heavenly Armies

          Mission: Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer, Healer, Restorer, Way Maker

          Qualifications: Warrior of All Warriors

          Power:  All Authorithy In Heaven and On Earth Has Been Given To Him

                    Motto:   Nothing is to Hard for the Lord. 

          Enemies: " Vengeance is mine, and I will repay"

Code Name:  The Lion



Jesus Christ is the Deliverer 

He came to earth to set the captives free.  

But He gives mankind free will to make our own decisions and choices,

      He will never force himself on you. He waits for YOU to invite him, give him permission to come aboard so He can begin His healing work.  He comes to give LIFE, and give it more abundantly.  His enemy, satan, the fallen one, comes to steal life, kill and destroy.


We meet veterans from every generation who are still stuck, still suffering.

--It doesn't have to stay that way. There is healing for you --

Please understand that part of the reason for your suffering, is that your soul may still be tied to the places you have been, the things you have seen, heard and had to do.

  Your healing begins by breaking the harmful soul ties.

Everything that does not belong is left at the foot of the cross.


---He RESTORES Your Soul---

Your Mind, Your Thoughts, Your Memories

Your Emotions, Your Moods, Your Feelings 

God created us, and He knows how to repair us. He knows what we need.

You need to know that those thoughts you have been having of killing yourself are not from the Lord, but from the enemy - satan. 

On a daily basis, satan dispatchs demonic entities (known as principalities and powers), which include lying spirits, spirits of depression, spirits of heaviness and suicide spirits to accomplish his evil mission of destroying.    

As believers, we have power and authority over the works of darkness.

So don't buy the lie! 

He is an ever-present help in time of need.

I am the Lord, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you...

  DO NOT FEAR, I WILL HELP YOU!  (Is. 41:13)

  Jesus will NEVER leave you, forsake you, or abandon you.  He knows where you've been and what's gone wrong.

The bible says there is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven..

A time to kill...and... a time to heal (Ecclesiastics 3: 1-8) 
It's time to heal.

Just like you call in air support when you are in trouble..

just call out the Jesus right now. He will send help from the sanctuary in heaven.

If you are angry with God, call upon Him anyway.

He can handle your anger, and He is bigger than any problem you will ever have.

The Word of God says

" For I Know The Plans I Have For You, Says The Lord...

Plans to Prosper You, Not To Harm You,

Plans To Give You A Future, And A Hope."

You see....God is making plans for YOUR future...


So You Need To Be Here For Them!! 

That's Why You Need To Stay in The Game.

Press Through. Don't Quit.

There is no pit, no problem that's too big, too deep or too dark for the Lord to pull you out of.

God's Got Eyes On You. He CAN redeem your life and give you the fresh start you need.

We are a safe place to land.

...whether you call us, or call another organizaiton...

please reach out for help and do not harm yourself.



Love, Peace and Prayers,

Pastors Mike and Susan and the TGM Team 


Legal Disclaimer:

Coaching and Mentoring are NOT substitutes for Professional Mental Counseling or Psychiatric Care