After Service Care

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Whether you are transitioning back to civilian life by choice, or unexpectedly by crisis,

you may benefit from taking time to sort your feelings about the work you did in support of our nation.


There are times when it may be helpful to get some closure of sorts before moving on to the next phase of your life.

It's important to put your best foot forward, and depending on your circumstances

you might need a sabbatical before you can do that.


You have many skills, talents, and abilities that employers want.

They dream of hiring people with your dedication, diligence, integrity, discipline, character and good attendance, 

not to mention your ability to lead, follow instructions, communicate, and complete projects on time.

But it you are angry, agitated, edgy or stressed, employers will pick up on that when you interview.

    We are here not only to help you decompress and work through things, but also to 

help you discover what kind of career you want, or more importantly, don't want.

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You can just grab a job

or you can purposely give thought to who you are as an individual now that you are free to call the shots, 

decide what you want,

decide where you want to live,

decide what you think God might be calling you to do,

decide what you are good at,

decide what you might like to go back to school to get good at,

and decide upon the things you really ENJOY doing, and go from there!


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Your return to civilian life is the perfect opportunity for self-discovery.

You may even choose to start your own company and hire other vets.

  We wish you peace, joy, and success in the new missions that lie ahead.

They're gonna love you!


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