Meet the Team

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Our team is  intentionally comprised of veterans, combat veterans, civilians from military families, church and ministry leaders, and members of the Christian and secular business communities...all with a heart for the military, and a love for veterans and their families...all who willingly bring their skills, talents, gifts and abilities to the table.


Chaplain/Rev. Michael E. Smith, CPLC, Founder and President

Chaplain Mike is the President of Transforming Glory Ministries. Born on an Air Force base in Amarillo Texas, Mike is a military brat and comes from a military family. His father was first Navy, and later an Air Force aerial photographer, his late brother Jim a US Army veteran, and his Uncle (who prefers to be unnamed), a US Army, Black Ops Vietnam Combat Veteran. He is Commissioned as a Licensed and Ordained Chaplain with Chaplains International, a member of the National Association of Evangelicals. A graduate of the Institute of the Holy Spirit, Mike is also an Ordained Reverend, Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, and Certified Professional Exhortation Coach. Mike is a mentor and encourager, and a very patient man with a shepherds heart an easy going personality. A true " heart guy" , he never tires of skillfully listening and offering Godly counsel, support and prayer. He has faithfully persevered through many difficulties, trials and hardships which the Lord used for good, as a forging to ever deepen his faith, further train and prepare him for the work of ministry, and increase his compassion and understanding for hurting veterans. He walks the walk and is a worshipper. Chaplain Mike freely shares the truth's of the bible to help others find freedom, hope, healing, and the blessings God has for them.  Mike calmly leads the ministry step by step with patience, wisdom, humility, and reverant respect for the Lord.  His passion is bringing light into the darkness, and seeing veterans and their spouses get the breakthrough they need to live in peace, and reach their fullest potential.


Chaplain/Rev. Susan E. Smith, CACLC, Founder, Secretary, US Army Veteran (Retired)

Chaplain Susan has a tremendous passion for ministering soul care, inner healing and freedom to veterans and their spouses. While she  is retired military and proud of soldiering, she clarifies that " we don't do this just because I served .. but because it is the work the Lord called us to, and annointed us to do." We help veterans and/or spouses who are mentally and emotionally stressed, overwhelmed and overloaded find hope and healing. We help those who are struggling come back into peace so they can move forward. Born again at the age of 31 while stationed in the ROK (Republic of Korea) she never looked back. After graduating from ministry school at the Institute of the Holy Spirit, Susan went on to become an Ordained Reverend, Certifed Professional Advanced Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Mentor, Spiritual Care Giver, and holds Board Certification with the International Board of Christian Care, Board of Christian Life Coaching. She is also Commissioned as a Licensed and Ordained Chaplain with Chaplains International. Susan  finds meaning, value and purpose in coming alongside and pouring in to others. Susan honors her daughters Elizabeth and Heather (former Army brats) for their sacrifies and many moves during their childhoods.  Wholely dedicated to her calling, Susan is known for her go-getter personality, keeping it real, and sincerely sharing the truth and freedom in the Word of God. Her hearts desire and future vision for TGM includes visiting the physically wounded and their caregivers at Walter Reed Medical Center, and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Ramstein AFB, Germany, and offering support to other veteran organizations.  " No Fear, No Limit's, No Boundaries!" With a strong administrative gift, Susan also supports the organization as Secretary, and temporarily filling in as interim Treasurer until a new Treasurer is named.

Mr. Edward (Ed) Trujillo, Director, US Army Combat Veteran

Ed is an US Army Combat Veteran who served in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield as a Non Commissioned Officer in Charge of a motor vehicle platoon. He has experienced the destruction and devastation of war first hand, up close and personal. He is familiar with Post Traumatic Stress, Combat Trauma, Traumatic Soul Wounds, Crisis of Faith, and how it impacts lives. He has walked through the anquish of war and seeing what people are capable of doing, and personally knows the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ. His example of duty, sacrifce and leadership helped inspire his two oldest sons to become US  Air Force and US Army warriors. Ed is solid! He is a man of faith, and a tower of virtue and integrity. Ed is known for his honesty, candor, strong work ethic, his love, devotion, provision and protection of his family, for speaking up for what is right, for having moral courage in all instances. Ed is a great listener, a quick thinker, and a skilled problem solver. While both humble and strong, he is old school. He knows how to motivate people, care for them, and encourage them to make good choices. He is a family man, and is happiest being with his wife Toni, and his ever growing family. TGM is blessed to have Ed on the team. He is one of America's finest. We need more just like him!

Mr. Rinaldo Suel, Director

Rinaldo is a successful Christian small business owner, and entrepreneur. A highly skilled, professional French baker, his French bread, pastries, pies, croissants, and delicacies sell out as soon as they hit the Denver and Mountain markets. Born in France, he and his siblings overcame many childhood traumas before arriving in the United States and proudly becoming American citizens. His is an extremely hard worker, beginning his day in the wee hours of the morning, and has a heart to help anyone and everyone going through difficult and turbulent times. He and his wife Eva have completed leadership training in Christian 12 Step Recovery and have experience working with individuals in need of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Trauma Recovery.  A peaceful but powerful man of unshakable faith and conviction, Rinaldo's joy and laughter are infectious. He is a grounding force to this organization. His faith runs deep into his core. Rinaldo brings the love of God whereever he goes. His easy going demeaner, kind spirit, inherit humor, French sayings, and limitless wisdom are a lifeline to many who are going through storms of life. An overcomer with a determined, positive can-do, never quit attitude, Rinaldo is an anchor, and one of the most unique people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He enjoys very strong coffee, playing his guitar, and taking road trips with his wife and dogs in their RV.  His life is a testimony to God's love, power, grace, mercy and goodness. 


Ms. Emily Carlson, Board Member Emeritus, Past Treasurer

Emily served as a founding officer of Transforming Glory Ministries. She is a highly skilled and very successful software engineer, software analyst, IT business professional, former business owner. Her brother is an Army veteran who overcame the affects of service. Emily is also credited for the creation of TGM's logo design, a simple yet powerful artistic depiction of the heart of this ministry, namely, our symbol of the cross of Jesus Christ, and moving forward from places people may have been stuck.  A respected and valued member of this team, Emily's generousity in serving and sharing her talents have blessed many. 


Pastor Gerri Silk

Pastor Gerri, filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father, is truly a light in the darkness facing society today. Gerri is tremendously knowledgable of the Bible, and is known as a woman of faith, love, and " get down to business" prayer. Gerri is a generous and caring person who is extremely supportive of veterans, and has compassion for the issues they face. She has worked tirelessly in the area of marriage care for decades helping others develop and grow in their marriage relationships. Gerri is a strong leader and mentor who lives out her faith everyday. She is a woman with a sword, (the Word of God), who knows how to use it. Gerri was a faithful, devoted and loving wife to her husband Allan until only death seperated them. She freely shares wisdom and Godly counsel obtained through decades of faithful service and ministry experience, and has a wealth of practical and relative knowledge. We are blessed to have Pastor Gerri on this team and she can be counted on as a valued ministry advisor. We have benefitted from Gerri's counsel and advise on many occassions. 

Mr. Jack Poe

Jack is employed by the United States Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio as the Lead Web Administrator. He has been in the web industry for over 25 years and is our web master. Jack has taught classes in graphic design, web design, and web programming to hundreds of college students. TGM is forever grateful for Jack's support, contributions, patience, knowledge, guidance and contributions in the development of this website through his business TGM  Warrior Care salutes Jack for standing behind us, sharing his gifts and talents, and enabling us to reach others. Jack truly cares about the issues veterans are facing.


Dr. Bruce Heany, Pastor, LPC, Accountability Board Member

Dr. Heany is a licensed professional pastoral counselor with well over twenty years of ministry experience in the areas of relationship counseling, depression, anxiety, anger, extreem, trauma, abuse, stress, grief and loss. Pastor Heany has a Doctorate degree in counseling, a Masters degree in pastoral care, a BA in psychology, and a BS in recreation. His education experience also included chaplaincy work at Eastern Maine Medical Center, and intensive practical training in counseling at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy in Chicago. Dr. Heany began his career in the 1980's as a parish pastor in Chicago, Illinois. After completing his doctorate degree, he opened his practice in Denver, Colorado. His practice is currently located in Northglenn, Colorado. He is delightfully happy with his bride Brooklyn, and thoroughly enjoys sharing his life with her, and thier progeny of four - the oldest two now grown and out of the home. Dr. Heany's youngest son is overcoming the limitations of cerebral palsy, and serves as an exemplary model of how love and joy triumph over adversity. 

Pastor Chuck Lewis, Accountability Board Member

Pastor Chuck is a longstanding evangelist and minister of the gospel with prophetic giftings, and has led revival services in the United States, Canada, and abroad. He has extensive experience in the area of healing ministry where he has seen ears and eyes opened, and seen healings of every kind. He has prayed for two people who had died (one being his very mother) and the power of God raised them from the dead. Pastor Chuck serves as President of Chuck Lewis Ministries,, based in Aurora, Colorado.  He holds certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor with decades of experience, and is trained in all areas of life recovery including addictions, boundaries, marriage, divorce, co-dependency, conflict management, stress, domestic violence, and more. He has served as Chaplain to the Aurora, Colorado Police Department ministering to law enforcement officers and staff. He has extensive experience as a Crisis Response Team Member in his role as Victims Advocate, where he was called upon to assist those who endured traumatic experiences. Pastor Chuck and his wife Barb also serve as volunteer Chaplains at Craig Hospital in Denver, ministering to those with severe spine and brain injuries. A dearly loved, encouraging preacher and speaker, Pastor Chuck freely shares testimonies of encouragement. A published author, Chuck shared his life experiences of overcoming a debilitating physical injury from birth while following God's plan for his life. Pastor Chuck is a wealth of knowledge and has served the Lord faithfully for over fifty years.

Minister Lavinia Lavato

Lavinia is an ordained minister, and was the Co-Founder of " Be Healed Ministries" based in Thornton, Colorado. She moves in the power, authority, annointing, and discernment of the Holy Spirit. Lavinia has extensive training and experience in the areas of soul care, inner healing, generational issues, breaking curses, identifying soul ties, deeply rooted memories, trapped emotions, and spiritual warfare. Lavinia holds Certification in the field of inner healing and deliverance. With a tremendous hunger to see people permanently healed and made whole, Lavinia has ministered to hundreds of people. She is talented, keen, intelligent, caring and compassionate. Lavinia has been a key speaker at healing conferences with life changing results, and has been sought out to train others internationally. Lavinia is a secret weapon, and a gifted spiritual warrior in the kingdom of God.