Our Services and Fees

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Choose from the following Spiritual Care options, interchangeably, as desired.  (Please scroll down)

(For your convenience, examples of issues are described below each option.)

All Private, 1:1 Spiritual Care Sessions are $120.00 per sixty-minute session. 

We dedicate time in prayer for you before and after each session.

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Christian Life Coaching

Support to Accomplish a Goal, Dream or Vision

Support for Various Issues or Stages of Life

Self-Care / Self-Love / Self-Worth

Overcoming Obstacles

Personal Development

Spiritual Development

Work/Life Balance

Boundary Work

Christian Mental Health Coaching

Soul Care Needs





Grief or Loss (may not necessarily be related to death)

Sorrow / Sadness


Care For Pastors and Clergy

Inner Hurts / Soul Wounds

Opportunities For Forgiveness



Faith Crisis

Grief / Loss

Loss of Purpose / Loss of Joy

Boundary Setting / Always "On"


Personal, Private Issues

Faith Based Mentoring

Assisting, Empowering, Equipping, Sharing Knowledge and Lessons Learned

Personal or Spiritual Growth 

Development of Gifts, Talents, Abilities

Maturing in Character

Gifts, Callings and Serving

Chaplaincy Care

Hope Recovery

Bereavement Care

Trauma Support

Inner Hurts / Soul Wounds

Moral Injuries

Opportunities for Forgiveness

Sessions are most typically conducted by phone so that distance is not an issue.

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 We humbly reserve the right to decline spiritual care services to those we do not feel qualified or able to help or assist. 


  We are a voice of hope in the storms of life.

    We exist for such a time as this.     


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