Meet Mike and Susan Smith

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    Michael and Susan Smith, Founders, Owners,


"Like A Lighthouse in the Darkness, We Are Shining the Light into the Storms of Life"

Mike and Susan are called, anointed, equipped, and committed to the sacred work of helping people.

They are both competent, experienced, knowledgeable spiritual caregivers. 

Both are mature Spirit filled and Spirit led Christians, 

who are able to discern the voice of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. 

Mike and Susan are 2010 graduates of the Institute of the Holy Spirit, a three-year ministry training institute.

They are licensed and ordained Reverends. 

They are Certified Professional Christian Life Coaches, through two respected Christian organizations.

They are Commissioned as Ordained Ministers and Chaplains earning their Chaplains Certification 

from the Chaplains Training Institute.

As Kingdom Entrepreneurs, Mike and Susan flow in their calling and anointings,

using their God given gifts, talents, skills and abilities to reach a hurting world,

both inside and outside the walls of the church.

 As Christian business owners, we seek to glorify God in what we do, and how we do it.

 Mike is a natural mentor and encourager and is very easy to talk with.

He comes from a military family where his father was first US Navy and then US Air Force.

He was born in a hot metal Quonset hut in the middle of the summer down in Texas.

Mike can best be described as a patient man with a shepherd's heart,

and a low-key, relaxed, easy-going personality.

One of his major giftings is listening.

People who generally never open up and talk to anyone about anything somehow talk to him right away.

A true " heart guy", he never tires of offering encouragement, Godly counsel, prayer and support.

He values opportunities to reach out to those who need encouragement or need their hope restored.

Mike is a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach and a Certified Christian Exhortation Coach.

He is very aware of human suffering and has a special place in his heart for those who are physically wounded. 

His heart is to comfort and encourage those dealing with a health crisis or those who have had to make life changes,

adjustments or face limitations caused by injuries, or those who may be experiencing a faith crisis.

Mike walks the walk and is a worshipper, and shares the truths of the bible to help others find peace, hope,

and discover the promises and the blessings that God has for them.

  He values opportunities to bring optimism to the weary,

shine the light into the darkness,

and pour fresh courage into the discouraged.

Susan has an unquenchable passion for sharing the truth of the Word in a way that inspires and refreshes. 

She has a special place in her heart for those with soul wounds, moral injuries, or who have endured trauma.

She is a bold witness when it comes to not letting go of the Word of God, or of your faith when you're going through the fire.

               Susan is retired military and has zero fear of getting down in the trenches with those who are hurting. 

Her skillsets include coaching, mentoring, teaching, and writing. 

She holds dual Board-Certifications as a Master Christian Life Coach and Master Christian Mental Health Coach.

With a strong administrative gifting, Susan also serves as Managing Member of Transforming Glory Ministries, LLC.

She is known for being down to earth, kind, caring, and approachable. 


Our passion is providing lasting, enduring hope that God loves you, is for you, and wants to help you.

All we ask if that you are willing to give the Bible a fair chance.

Why? Because the transforming power of God, His power, His presence, is for "whosoever will".

Whatever your current needs, and no matter with type of Spiritual Care Session you prefer,

we are here to walk with you, encourage you, equip you, support your goals, 

and come alongside of you to be present, to listen, to help sort it out.


We are a voice of hope in the storms of life.

We exist for such a time as this.

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